Valuation of Digital Assets

Creating, Measuring and Managing Value

At the crossroads of a business strategy and finance lies valuation. At Proteum we understand that this adage is equally true for Blockchain businesses and STOs.

Our experienced team adds value to an STO process by providing insights on how to create and measure the value of a Token or Coin based business. Our analysis helps capture the fundamental utility or value of the token itself and our deep analytical tools provide insights on how to manage the impact on the financing of the organization. We provide practical and actionable advice is based on a internal 6-point checklist that delves deep into your business and the industry segment.

Our 6 point analysis delves deep into the functional performance of the business and industry

Understanding the utility value of a digital asset or token and organizing your company’s financial statements to reflect value rather than just accounting performance.

Forecasting token performance, with emphasis on the value that blockchain adds to the business and thinking about the future economics of your business

Is the token a necessity for the business model to work? What are the workarounds? We assess the competitive effects on the valuation of the token and the overall business impact.

The costs of an STO stem not only from developing the technology, but also maintaining regulatory compliance through the life of the business.

Like any other business, KPIs matter for blockchains. We linking your company’s valuation to the core drivers of business performance

Whether it is a startup or an established business, reconciling the results of this analysis provides insights to valuation.