Proteum perspective: Implementing a successful Blockchain platform for your company requires a complex narrative in aligning your enterprise goals, technology strategy and ensuring regulatory compliance. To avoid being overshadowed by nimble competitors, Proteum works with CXOs across industries to chart a multi-disciplinary course to ensure a smooth transition to blockchain technology.


Proteum offers custom development of ICO platforms and blockchain applications for both startups and enterprise applications

Blockchain technology is the new way of building decentralized applications and distributed ledgers. Our team of engineers brings extensive knowledge in building smart contracts and a full stack solution for business and enterprise needs. Our areas of expertise include the Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin, Hyperledger platforms and Solidity for Smart Contracts.

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A whitepaper should be able to address technology, economics and regulation of the token

The popularity of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) continues to grow worldwide. In fact in 2017, ICOs raised more money for startup companies and blockchain projects than was raised through traditional venture capital financings. The ICO market, in turn, has already established a set of best practices. All ICOs are accompanied by a Whitepaper, a document that educates the audience about the project with a detailed description of the blockchain attributes.

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Data immutability can transform how we derive value from data analytics

With Proteum’s extensive data analytics capabilities, blockchain based networks can simplify data access and consistency throughout their network of participants. Use cases such as auditing, fraud and risk management can be built into the data structures, providing a unique snapshot of the transactions.

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Emerging regulatory framework is coalescing to remove uncertainties and facilitate mainstream acceptance in this unchartered territory

As the use of blockchains, DAOs and smart contracts increase throughout the world, significant legal questions are bound to arise, such as jurisdiction, enforceability of smart contracts and legal status of DAOs. The answers to these are blurry at the moment, and regulators across the world are taking a closer look at these issues and provide a proper legal framework within which blockchain can be utilised.

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KYC and AML are not one time solutions, but need to be continually applied to prevent transaction frauds

As cryptocurrencies become more prevalent, KYC will increasingly become a must have solution for banks, exchanges and companies dealing with digital assets. Know Your Customer (KYC) protects both the institutions and the individuals from investment fraud, and at the same time ensure the source of money being transferred is legitimate.

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