Investment Advisory

Advising Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors

We help venture capital, private equity and investment banking firms meet a wide range of strategic demands in the ever so complex world of cryptocurrency investments.

Both Wall Street and VC/PE investment industry is in a state of flux and transition as old fiat currencies are being challenged by a plethora of decentralized digital assets, with a new cryptocurrency arriving on the scene almost on a daily basis. Investors are still searching for sustainable models in the context of technological regulatory challenges.

At Proteum, we have an extensive network of professionals who are both early adopters of crypto platforms and have accumulated significant experience working with regulators, law firms and investment professionals to be able to define the strategies and priorities for this evolving industry.

Our work encompasses overall strategies for business and risk management, globally. We provide advice on corporate and organizational issues and are called upon for diligence in matters of mergers and acquisitions. We also undertake short-term assignments on specific issues including technology development, risk assessment, and management, marketing and branding strategies for security tokens and exchanges.