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Blockchains are Disruptive Building Blocks for Tomorrow
When it comes to blockchains, companies need to transform or risk being obsolete.

At Proteum, we understand that the real value of an engagement starts with insights that help get to better decisions. For a particular enterprise software client, we helped turn enterprise relationships into breakthrough business value. We helped the company assess their ICO marketing plan, strategize, and implement a robust marketing plan to reach a global audience.

The dynamics of marketing to cryptocurrency investors and the proliferation of multichannel touchpoints pose a challenge for any company. As a result, CMOs and CSOs have to transform their thinking and quickly adopt techniques that show promise in reaching their target audience. We help them by leveraging practical, first hand, on-ground experience, big data analytics, network relationships and digital marketing techniques. Specifically, we create channel partnerships that guide marketing choices, implement strategies and approaches to drive customer acquisition, value, engagement and loyalty.