We are a global blockchain advisory firm that works with public, private and startup companies to help them transition into the world of decentralized applications. We help companies strategically build their capabilities so that they can own and control their future. Since 2012, our team and network of professionals have been uniquely positioned to bring together an ecosystem incentivized to make our engagements successful.


Protium: Stable isotope of Hydrogen
Ethereum: Disruptive blockchain based platform with smart contracts

Proteum: Your stable partner in a world rapidly being transformed by blockchain technology


Meet Our Team

Bill Wiles

Rakesh Ramde

Aman Johar

Leading Innovation

The world of digital assets, blockchains and cryptocurrencies is constantly changing, so we continually seek to work with newer ideas and innovative companies, brining them into the fold of Proteum family. In order to be effective, we are always bringing new talented professionals into our fold, curating partnerships and developing new capabilities in all functional areas.

Our focus is always on putting our clients on a growth trajectory in their core business and model them as leaders in their respective industries.