Business Strategy

Covering the full spectrum of business services

Proteum designs and implements global business and corporate development strategies for early to mid-stage companies seeking to leverage the blockchain to scale their business while creating and dominating new markets opportunities.

For new ventures, we help in creating a Whitepaper with a detailed description of the system architecture, user interaction, market opportunity, growth expectations, and economic rationale for the for the issue, commercialization and anticipated valuation of tokens. We cover the full spectrum of business services: technology, operations, supply chain, marketing, corporate restructuring, turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, and traditional fund raising and investment strategies.

We are agnostic to the industry verticals and our professionals have a deep and broad range of experience in traditional and tech oriented companies. Our experts have worked in Manufacturing, Internet of Things (IoT), Fintech, Blockchains, Enterprise Software, Networking, Semiconductors, Biotech and Healthcare.

ICO vs Traditional Fundraising
Identify and design funding strategies for growth and/or acquisition
Implement strategic partner/investor strategies and coordinate with exit strategies
Global Corporate Development
Create and implement strategies for revenue and profit growth
Develop key industry and strategic partnerships
Define key roles and responsibilities necessaryto implement global growth strategies
Positioning for M&A
Identify and connect with top M&A targets and strategic relationships to meet growth and/or exit goals
Coordinate and conduct deal due diligence
Creating Growth Channels
Balance and modify global channels to increase revenue and margins
Optimize use of direct and indirect channels for maximum profits
Creative partnerships to enter new markets