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Blockchains are Disruptive Building Blocks for Tomorrow
When it comes to blockchains, companies need to transform or risk being obsolete.

While companies spend a lot of time to get their technology strategy right, implementation plays a critical role if the business is a marketplace connecting lenders and borrowers. At Proteum, we worked with a client to understand their technology needs and marry them to applicable regulations and compliance requirements in multiple countries. We advised the company on KYC policies, AML regulations, and token protocols.

As the blockchain technology and underlying protocols evolve rapidly, regulatory compliance poses a challenge for any company. As a result, CTO are faced with the dilemma of what platforms can promise the bset ROI and longevity to ensure a robust product roadmap. They have to transform their thinking and quickly adapt their thinking to steer towards solutions that are secure, scalable and promote network effects. We help them by leveraging practical, first hand, on-ground experience, network relationships and providing a ready developer base ready to take on any challenge. Specifically, we strive to derive results that are sustainable.